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Friday, 26 June 2015

Different Types of Globe Valves

Valves are known as simple devices used to control the flow of liquid by blocking the passage of a pipe. Valves are found in one’s home’s plumbing system, and in any places where flow of liquids is required.
Valves are categorized in Two Types :- 
  1. Stop Valves that gives an on-off or fractional on setting,
  2. Check Valves that stops the flow of liquid in only one direction.
A globe valve belongs to the top valve family. Its body is rounded and is made up of two distinct valves isolated by a disc for opening and closing. Unlike the other valves this kind of valve is more complex because it is made up of a bonnet, plug, stem, cage and seat ring.

Angle Globe Valve
Globe valves consist of a baffle that splits the inner portion of a pipe, along the pipe’s length. The opening of the baffle is vacuum-packed by using a flat plug or a disc which is pushed down in the opening parallel to the pipe to break the flow inside. Outside of the pipe, a structure called as bonnet holds a stem that is attached to a disc. The upper part of the bonnet poses a hand wheel used by it to screw down the disc including the stem till the disc seals itself touching the seat opening.
Globe Valve
These apparatus are sometimes called throttle valves, for they can limit the flow inside a pipe, and include various types like Angle Globe Valves, Pressure Globe Valve, Forged Globe Valve, Fabricated Globe Valve etc.

Forged Globe Valve
Even when globe valves are fully open, they provide a considerable restriction to the flow through them. For this reason these valves often need to be sized on the basis of orifice size for the minimum diameter of the seat in addition to the pipe’s size. In simple way, a valve that fits into a certain pipe may not allow sufficient flow in some application if it does not have an enough large orifice.
Globe Stop Valve
Globe valves are not very good for regulating flow. They perform best when they are fully open or fully closed, and cannot let a regulated flow consistently when they are partially open. This happens because of the resilience of the washer and also of the fact that adjustment of stem is not designed in well-calculative way. Marketing of these valves now largely depends on online advertisement and some good manufacturers are there to provide good globe valves.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Different Types of Barricade Tapes

Over the last few decades life has changed a lot and now there is a solution to every possible problem. Warning Tapes, have been in use for decades now and one can easily act as a sign of prohibition. These Caution Tapes are designed in such a way that they are able to grab the attention of people on the very first go. The place confined within the tapes should be avoided by the general public at any cost. However, different types of tapes are used for different purposes and so one has to be very careful while making a choice.
OSHA and ANSI provide precise specification for barricade tape colors. These are found in OSHA regulations.

OSHA-Specified Barricade Tape Colors
  1. Red / White for Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment
  2. Black / White for Housekeeping and Aisle Marking
  3. Magenta / Yellow for Radiation Hazards
  4. Green / White for Safety and First Aid
  5. Blue / White for Defective Machinery
  6. Orange / White for Traffic and Caution Warning
  7. Black / Yellow for Physical Hazards
Physical Hazards Tape

Physical hazards tapes are generally installed where there is a potential of falling debris or other sorts of dangers. These tapes are generally installed at construction sites to keep people away from potential hazards. The physical hazards tapes are colored in yellow and black and are easily recognizable. Sometimes the entire construction site can be cordoned off with these tapes and sometimes a specific space. These tapes are designed and manufactured to last for a long time.

Fire Hazards Tape

The fire hazards tapes are red and white in color. Red is the universal color denoting danger and hence can easily grab the attention of people. The tapes can also be used to highlight firefighting equipments so that people do not have to struggle to find a fire extinguisher whenever need be. Warning Tapes are generally made of plastic so that they can be used under any circumstance.

Traffic Warning Tapes
The tapes that are used for traffic warnings are always marked in orange and yellow. These are universal colors for traffic affairs and so these tapes abide by international traffic norms. Over the last few years the demand for these tapes has increased to a large extent due to increase in traffic related works.
In most of the cases the manufacturers of these Tapes offer their product over the internet and so clients can easily make a choice from a large number of options. As there are different kinds of tapes available in the market one has to be very careful regarding the choice of the product.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Mechanism of Industrial Cylinders

Industrial Cylinders are gas cylinders which are pressure vehicles or tanks which are used for storing the gases higher than the atmospheric pressure. The gas cylinders with high pressure are known as bottles. Application standards and design codes along with the price of substances refers to the choice of gas cylinders made of steel without welding which are also treated with anti corrosion. Some composite materials are also used for making gas cylinders with lightweight. Carbon fiber have high tensile strength which offers in making cylinders of lightweight but the manufacturing process of these cylinders are quite difficult.
When the Industrial Cylinders are transported from one place to other the various level of testing are used which are regulated by the country’s governing authority. Some of the most common tests used for these cylinders include burst test, hydrostatic test, charpy impact test, tensile strength and pressure cycling. During the process of manufacture, these cylinders are permanently marked or stamped with vital information. The information usually states the service or working pressure, type of cylinder, date of manufacture, serial number, the registered code of the manufacturer and test pressure. Depending upon the requirements of the regulations some other information can also be marked or stamped. The cylinders of high pressure which are used for multiple times are tested ultrasonically or hydro-statically and also examined visually every year. The highest pressure is present in the helium gas cylinders which consist of around 1000 atmospheres.
Cylinders consist of stop angle valve present on the top end. When gases are supplied the valves are opened and to stop the supply the valves are closed. Cylinders used in industries are narrow and long which stand straight with the valve at the top and flattened bottom. During handling, transportation and storage, the protruding valve is used for screwing the cap which helps in protecting the cylinder from breaking and damaging in case the cylinder falls over. Cylinders consist of neck ring or protective collar instead of a cap which is placed around the service valve. The stop valve is used for attaching the pressure regulating assembly and by taking the cap off the cylinder becomes ready to be used. The attachment consists of a pressure regulator with downstream and upstream pressure gauges which further leads to the outlet connection or downstream needle valve.
Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders are also known as linear hydraulic motors which are mechanical actuators that are utilized to provide unidirectional force with the help of unidirectional stroke. These cylinders are used in civil engineering, manufacturing machinery and in engineering vehicles. The organizations interested in getting the cylinders used in industries can directly.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Dental Equipments and Their Uses

Ignoring dental problems can give rise to certain complicated situations later on. To avoid such negativities it is always advisable to take the help of reliable dentists who have been associated with this field for years. They must possess quality knowledge associated with various dental problems so that they can effectively solve the problems and can give rise to positive results. Renowned dentists use premium Quality Dental Equipment which help them to deal with the problems better.
There are some basic tools that every dentist needs in order to get the best results. Some of those are needles, mandrels, scalpels, burs, blades and more. In order to protect themselves from any sort of infection while performing dental operations, dentists use safety glasses, mask bibs, and face shields and gloves which can be disposed after use.

Some basic tools that every dentist needs which are:
  • The Angle Probe which is held by hand helps the dentist tocheck whether any tooth
    is affected with cavities or not. Problems related with crowns, fissures and also bridges can also be detected with these tools. Different probes are used for checking separate problems.
  • Mouth Mirror is yet another important dental tool which is used by every dentist. With
    the help of these mirrors, one can check the inside of a mouth from different angles which in turn, will help the dentist detect the problems. These help to magnify the portion of the mouth which the dentist want to take a look at. These can be reused or disposed after use.
  • Tweezers are used for removing any object from the mouth which is causing difficulty.
    These tools are available with lock system as well which prevent the product from falling. One can also take the help of saliva ejector to remove the excess saliva from the patient’s mouth. This tool can also be disposed after use.
In order to provide anesthesia, doctors need the help of injections, syringes and needles which can also be termed as Important Dental Equipments for the doctors. To absorb saliva, blood or any other dental product, using cotton balls can be the best and hygienic product to opt for.

These are some of the most important dental tools that are widely used nowadays. Users can get high quality products from online stores at cost effective ranges. It is always advisable to check the reputation of the company before buying anything from it.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Advantage of Using Heavy Hex Nuts

In order to keep pace with the changing technology it is important for everyone to be able to make use of the latest technology available in the market. However, there are a few mechanical components that have largely remained unchanged with the passage of time and Hex Nuts are one such thing. They derive their name from the hexagonal shape of their heads and are widely used in almost all industries as well as domestic areas. The main advantage of using Heavy Hex Nuts is that they are durable and can withstand huge level of pressure, thus delivering the desired performance for a long time.

Hexagonal Shape Nuts
Advantage of Hex Nuts

Hex Head Nuts are used on a large scale across different industrial sectors. Wherever there is a need of reliable fastening solution these nuts are the first choice of many. In fact, for decades these nuts have shaped many engineering marvels as well as many domestic household items. Right from the construction industry to heavy engineering industry from kitchen appliances to aeroplanes almost all sorts of items that are encountered with in daily life have some association with hexagonal nuts. These buts are easy to grip on with a wrench and so are the favorite of industrial workers.

Hex Head Nuts

Size and dimension of Hex Nuts

Hex Nuts Dimensions and sizes largely depend on their designated use and so it is best to consult an expert professional regarding the purchase of these nuts. Several parameters like the nominal diameter hole, pitch, flat size, external diameter and height should be taken into account while making a purchase. It is needless to mention that in order to deliver the desired performance the nuts should fit properly with the object of use and hence users should be careful enough regarding their choice of such a product.

Different Type Nuts
It is not always possible for a common person to understand the required dimension and sizes and so it is always better to contact an expert professional who has considerable experience in this field. It is to be kept in mind that there are a large number of Hex Nuts Suppliers who provide quality goods at affordable prices and so it is better to browse through the internet in search of a good manufacturer and supplier who specialize in manufacturing Metric Hex Nuts. It is also possible to place an online order for these products and clients can be rest assured of getting best quality products if they choose to order online.