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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Different Types of Barricade Tapes

Over the last few decades life has changed a lot and now there is a solution to every possible problem. Warning Tapes, have been in use for decades now and one can easily act as a sign of prohibition. These Caution Tapes are designed in such a way that they are able to grab the attention of people on the very first go. The place confined within the tapes should be avoided by the general public at any cost. However, different types of tapes are used for different purposes and so one has to be very careful while making a choice.
OSHA and ANSI provide precise specification for barricade tape colors. These are found in OSHA regulations.

OSHA-Specified Barricade Tape Colors
  1. Red / White for Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment
  2. Black / White for Housekeeping and Aisle Marking
  3. Magenta / Yellow for Radiation Hazards
  4. Green / White for Safety and First Aid
  5. Blue / White for Defective Machinery
  6. Orange / White for Traffic and Caution Warning
  7. Black / Yellow for Physical Hazards
Physical Hazards Tape

Physical hazards tapes are generally installed where there is a potential of falling debris or other sorts of dangers. These tapes are generally installed at construction sites to keep people away from potential hazards. The physical hazards tapes are colored in yellow and black and are easily recognizable. Sometimes the entire construction site can be cordoned off with these tapes and sometimes a specific space. These tapes are designed and manufactured to last for a long time.

Fire Hazards Tape

The fire hazards tapes are red and white in color. Red is the universal color denoting danger and hence can easily grab the attention of people. The tapes can also be used to highlight firefighting equipments so that people do not have to struggle to find a fire extinguisher whenever need be. Warning Tapes are generally made of plastic so that they can be used under any circumstance.

Traffic Warning Tapes
The tapes that are used for traffic warnings are always marked in orange and yellow. These are universal colors for traffic affairs and so these tapes abide by international traffic norms. Over the last few years the demand for these tapes has increased to a large extent due to increase in traffic related works.
In most of the cases the manufacturers of these Tapes offer their product over the internet and so clients can easily make a choice from a large number of options. As there are different kinds of tapes available in the market one has to be very careful regarding the choice of the product.


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