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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Applications of Ribbon Blenders

A Ribbon Blender Mixer falls under the wide category of industrial mixers or industrial blenders. As is evident from the names, this mechanism is used to blend and mix materials evenly. The mechanism is so widely used because they blend materials evenly without damaging them or without getting damaged itself. It is highly durable and long lasting equipment. It is used in the food manufacturing industry, by companies who make chemicals, medicine manufacturing companies and in the plastic and mineral treatment industrial plants. Ribbon blenders are in wide use because they can withstand various amounts of pressure, temperature and is cost effective as well. Additionally these have internal heating systems, although external heating systems are not uncommon either.
A ribbon blender is first of all used for the blending and mixing of cosmetic powders in various industries. It is used to lubricate dry granules in large numbers. It is also used for the function of dry blending of capsules and free flowing powders.

Structure of Ribbon Blender Mixer

The basic component of the mechanism is the U shaped container that is arranged in a horizontal configuration. The next component is the agitator that is used to vibrate the machinery so that the blending and mixing function is facilitated. This external ribbon agitator is used to vibrate and transfer the materials towards the center of the trough or container while a secondary internal ribbon agitator vibrates and moves the materials towards the outer sides of the container. The combined effect of both the agitators is that the materials become evenly mixed without getting spoiled. The speed of rotation of the ribbon container is at 300 feet per minute and the nature of movement is radial.
A Ribbon Mixer is versatile and cost effective and minimum damage to the mixed materials happen. Moreover they are available moderately at a low cost because they are comparatively easier to construct. Another positive quality of ribbon blenders is that it does not require much maintenance. One can get a variety of ribbon blenders from Ribbon Blender Manufacturers, which however require prior knowledge to find out the best and most appropriate product. 

Applications of Ribbon Blenders
Ribbon blenders can be designed to operate in both batch and continuous modes. Batch type blenders can be built up to capacities of 50 m3. The ribbon blender’s versatility for blending solids combined with it ability to perform heating, cooling, coating, and other processes make it a very popular blender. The following are the applications of the Ribbon Blender :-
  • Dry powder to wet phase mixing.
  • Blending large volumes of dry solids.
  • Mixing of bulk drugs, chemicals, and cosmetic powders.
  • Dry Blending of capsule formulations.
  • Lubrication of dry granules in large quantity.
  • Heating, cooling, and drying of materials.
  • Coating solid particles with small amounts of liquids to produce formulations.
Some of the basic features to watch out for are the drive design, how much volume the machinery can handle, how much power load it can take, its moisture content, density of the overall machinery product are just some of the basic things to notice.